About Our Business . . .

ITC Sales and Promotions has been in business since February of 2006. We started out as a small company, and we focused on computer tech support. We expanded to offer parts sales to support our IT functions. Soon, we were stocking a wide variety of PC and laptop parts, components, and accessories! This expanded into home electronics, game systems and accessories, and numerous other product lines.

Our services also expanded as our retail inventory did. Services include consulting in most business functions, such as management consulting, sales and marketing services, business start-up consulting, website development, organizational development, change management, systems analysis, and technology needs. And, of course, we still provide tech support too!

We are located in Huntsville, AL and service the surrounding areas. Our office is conveniently located in central Huntsville, off of Meridian Street and Oakwood Avenue. Since our work takes un into the field a lot, we are in and out of the office so please make an appointment before you drop in!

We currently use Ebay to sell many of our products, including computers, both desktop and laptop, home electronics, cellular phones and accessories, and other items. Please check us out! Or for more information, click here.